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Fast 5 Solutions

High Roller Glass & Chrome Polish

High Roller Glass & Chrome Polish

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High Roller Glass & Chrome polish by Fast 5 Solutions is an extremely simple and time-saving formula. On glass, it will help remove stubborn water spots while preparing your glass for application. On chrome, it will help to remove oxidation, rust, over-spray as well as slight imperfections from the surface. High Roller Glass & Chrome Polish can be used by hand as well as with a buffing machine. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Deep cleans and polishes chrome and glass surfaces to remove scratches, water-spotting, stains, and hard-to-remove contaminants
  • Preps glass for application of hydrophobic treatments
  • Fine grit, creamy texture
  • Can be used to restore "yellowed" headlamp assemblies
  • Scent: Orchid

Product Application:

  • Can be applied by hand or polisher
  • **Use of latex gloves is recommended

Directions on Glass: Apply a small amount to either a microfiber towel, wax applicator pad, or desired buffing pad. Gently work area and allow to dry to a haze. Wipe away with a soft, clean towel. Only a small amount of product is required when using on glass. If you are proceeding on with a hydrophobic glass treatment, it is recommended to use Top Dog Glass Cleaner to remove any residual polish. 

Directions on Chrome: Apply a small amount to either a microfiber towel, wax applicator pad or desired buffing pad . Gently work in until contaminants/imperfections dissipate. Wipe off excess product to a shine.


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